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Last updated: January 2024


Doing Goods B.V.
registered under CoC 81632649
with an intra-community VAT number of NL862163742B01

Doing Goods Office
Generaal Vetterstraat 75 B&C
1059 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Doing Goods Warehouse
Maasheseweg 79D
5804 AB Venray
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 478 562 715



1.1 Customer: means any individual, firm or corporate body (which expression shall, where the context so admits, include its successors and assigns which purchases services and products from Doing Goods.

1.2 Doing Goods: Doing Goods with its registered office in Amsterdam,

Chamber of Commerce 81632649. (“we,” “us,” or “our”).

1.3 Website: (“the Site,”)

Doing Goods provides this site as a service to its customers. The set of webpages, software, services and such connected to the domain name doing-goods and the subdomains and all via the website of Doing Goods accessible services.
1.4 Product(s): The goods that Doing Goods sells and supplies.
1.5 General Terms and Conditions of sale for Retailers: These terms and conditions. (“T&C’s”).

1.6 Intellectual Property Rights means all patents, registered and unregistered designs, copyright, trademarks, know-how and all other forms of intellectual property wherever in the world enforceable.



The General Terms and Conditions of Sale detailed below apply to all offers and orders placed with Doing Goods. Doing Goods reserves the right to adapt or modify the T&C’s at any time. The version of the Terms and Conditions applicable to any transaction is the T&C’s published at the date of the order. Consequently, placing an order by a customer implies complete adherence, without reservation, to these terms and conditions. Customer’s T&C’s are not applicable to any order with Doing Goods.



3.1 When placing an order, the customer shall provide Doing Goods with personal data filled into the Doing Goods standard customer set-up form.

Doing Good will use this data to set up a personal account for the customer.

A confirmation of the subscription is sent to the customer by email.

3.2 By filling in the client set-up form, the customer ensures the accuracy and completeness of the data provided. Customer shall inform Doing Goods with updates on its personal data. If an error occurs relating to the recipient address, Doing Goods shall not be held liable in case of any inability to deliver the products ordered.

3.3 Your submission of personal information to Doing Goods is governed by our Privacy Policy. For more information about protection, collection, processing and use of personal data, as well as the client’s rights and options available to protect its privacy, please refer to our privacy policy.



4.1 Every effort is made to ensure that the products you view online correspond as closely as possible to the final product. However, due to the handmade nature of our products and the fine, natural materials we use in their creation, slight variations can and do occur.

4.2 Buying handmade means you are supporting the artisan directly and in turn you are also supporting the local communities where our crafts are made. No responsibility can be accepted for these variations, after all a hint of individuality only serves to make a bespoke piece that little bit more unique, so you can embrace this unique product made by hand with love.

4.3 Doing Goods takes the greatest care in the presentation and description of the products in order to provide the customer with the best possible information. However, some non-substantial errors may appear on the Website, which the customer acknowledges and agrees to. These errors are no grounds for dissolution of the agreement.


  1. ORDER

5.1 The first order with us should always represent a minimum value of

€750 (excl. VAT). The payment conditions for the first order are 100% up front.

For re-orders the minimum total purchase amount should always be:

€450,00 (excl. VAT). The payment conditions for re-orders are 100% up front.

5.2 Confirmation of the order by the customer either via our B2B website, via email or during tradeshows is binding and implies the acceptance of all provisions of the T&C’s.

5.3 An email confirmation summarizing the order (products, prices, product availability, quantity etc.) will be sent to the customer by Doing Goods. For this purpose, the customer formally accepts the use of email for receiving confirmation of the contents of their order from the company Doing Goods. Doing Goods shall not be liable for errors in the order confirmation.

5.4 An order cannot be cancelled after it has been confirmed by customer.

Cancellations before confirmation by customer are subject to fees of 25% of the total order value, so customer will be charged for this percentage of the total order value.



6.1 The products offered for sale are those described and available on the Website, within the limit of available product stock. Information is updated in real time. Doing Goods cannot be liable in case of an order cancellation because of stock depletion.

6.2 We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products or services that we offer.

6.3 We reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time.

6.4 Doing Goods cannot be held liable to the customer or a third party in case of the removal of a product from the Website, and in case of the replacement or modification of any content published on the Website.



7.1 Doing Goods reserves the right to refuse a request or order and to close a customer account at its sole discretion.

7.2 Despite the best efforts of Doing Goods to satisfy the customers’ expectations, Doing Goods may be obliged to cancel an order even after having send a confirmation by email. In such case, the order will be reimbursed.

7.3 Doing Goods reserves the right to limit the number of items ordered. If this is the case, this will be communicated to Customer when confirming the order by email.



8.1 Prices are mentioned on the Website in Euro and in USA dollars. Prices exclude VAT and exclude any customs duties and other taxes. Countries outside the European Union may be subject to additional charges (duties, taxes) upon reception depending upon the legislation of their country. Such additional costs shall be directly paid by the Customer to the carrier.

8.2 In the event that an item lists an incorrect price, either due to typographical or other error, Doing Goods shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such order placed for the incorrect price, regardless of whether the order is being or has been processed. If payment has already been made Doing Goods shall credit Customer’s account in the amount of the incorrect price.

8.3 The total purchase price due will be indicated when the order is placed and when the purchase/agreement is confirmed.

8.4 International customers are mandated to provide Doing Goods with their valid VAT/Tax ID number. If no number can be provided or validated for any reason, the client will be charged 21% VAT per local Dutch rates.

8.5 All descriptions of products or product pricing are subject to change at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of us.


9.1 The payment must be made without deduction and at your own risk either by bankers’ draft to us or by telegraphic to our account.                                                                                                                        9.2 We provide our customers the service to also allow payment through PayPal and credit card. We charge 5% administrative costs on the total order amount to do so.

9.3 A due date is given on the order confirmation and we ask you to pay the complete invoice within five working days. If you do not make the payment within the time given, one reminder will be sent by Doing Goods. If client fails to be in contact or make the payment within 14 days after the first reminder the order will be cancelled, and a 25% fee of the total order value will be charged. In this case, no damage can be claimed with us.


10.1 Doing Goods works with delivery by Incoterm 2023 and provides the following shipping & transport options, depending on the preferences of the customer.

FCA: Free Carrier.

CPT: Carriage Paid To.

DAP: Delivered at Place.


Shipping Free Carrier (FCA): If assistance is required for export handling Doing Goods will charge extra costs. After receiving the full payment, Doing Goods will have your order ready for pick by your own forwarder within three working days unless agreed otherwise

Shipping Carriage Paid To (CPT) / Delivered at Place DAP: After receiving the full payment, Doing Goods will ship your order within five working days, unless agreed otherwise.

Doing Goods will pack your order in a few boxes / wooden pallets as possible to minimize the shipping costs.

Doing Goods does not deliver FRANCO.



11.1 If Doing Goods products have a defect at arrival, please notify us at within 5 days after receiving the package. All notifications shall mention the defect concerned including images. Failing that, the demand won’t be accepted, and no return, refund or exchange will be possible.

11.2 After receiving a correct and timely notification (see article 11.1), Doing Goods will replace the damaged goods on customers next order and shipment.

11.3 Should the product no longer be available for replacement; a credit invoice will be made by Doing Goods and the money will be refunded into your bank account within 7 working days.

11.4 We cannot be held liable for products damaged on the premises of your shop or storeroom.

In the event that the retailer forwards complaints regarding defects, which are found not to be Doing Goods responsibility, the customer shall reimburse any costs, e.g., lawyers’ fees, incurred by Doing Goods in this respect.



12.1 Products from Doing Goods may not be sold to other resellers. Products from Doing Goods may not be sold on websites such as eBay, Marktplaats, Amazon, Bol,Taobao, or other similar websites. You’re aware that sales via such websites would have a negative material impact on Doing Goods’ goodwill and intellectual property rights. When products are sold online through the retailer directly, the retailer shall always state Doing Goods as the trademark.

12.2 Doing Goods encourages that you respect the recommended retail prices as provided.



13.1 Doing Goods shall not be liable for defects, delay or any other damage caused by circumstances which Doing Goods ought not to have expected, including acts of war, terrorism, malicious damage, fire, blockades, mobilization, import and export restrictions, political unrest, strike, lockout, labour shortage or shortage of goods, unusual natural events etc.

13.2 Doing Goods makes no promises in respect of any harm that may be caused by the transmission of a computer virus, worm, time bomb, Trojan horses, cancelbots, logic bomb or any other form of programming routine designed to damage, destroy or otherwise impair a computer’s functionality or operation including transmission arising from your download of any content, software you use to download the content, the Website or the server that makes it available. In this respect the customer agree that it is its responsibility to install suitable anti-virus and security software on your computer hardware and other devices to protect against any such bugs, viruses or other such harmful programming routines. Subject to the first paragraph of this section, any content downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Website is done at customer’s own risk and the customer will be solely responsible for any damage to its computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such content.

13.3 Certain content, products and services available via our Service may include materials from third- parties. Third-party links on this site may direct you to third-party websites that are not affiliated with us. We are not responsible for examining or evaluating the content or accuracy and we do not warrant and will not have any liability or responsibility for any third-party materials or websites, or for any other materials, products, or services of third parties.

You acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from, your use of any third-party websites or resources.

13.4 We are not liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content, or any other transactions made in connection with any third-party websites. Please review carefully the third-party’s policies and practices and make sure you understand them before you engage in any transaction. Complaints, claims, concerns, or questions regarding third-party products should be directed to the third-party.



All trademarks and intellectual property rights and designs of Doing Goods and her products always belong to Doing Goods and will always remain the property of Doing Goods. The retailer’s use of this shall be subject to Doing Goods previous agreement in writing.



Dutch law shall govern this agreement. Any disputes shall be settled by the court stipulated in Doing Goods articles of association as the court of first instance. For additional information, questions, or comments, please contact your representative at


By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to these Doing Goods Terms and Conditions of Sale

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