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Shipping & Delivery


Doing goods works with delivery by Incoterm 2010 and provides the following shipping & transport options, depending the preferences of the customer.

FCA: Free Carrier.
CPT: Carriage Paid To.
DAP: Delivered at Place.

Shipping Free Carrier (FCA): If assistance is required for export handling Doing Goods will charge extra costs. After receiving the full payment, Doing Goods will have your order ready for pick by your own forwarder within three working days unless agreed otherwise

Shipping Carriage Paid To (CPT) / Delivered At Place DAP: After receiving the full payment, Doing Goods will ship your order within five working days, unless agreed otherwise.

Doing Goods will pack your order in a few boxes / wooden pallets as possible to minimize the shipping costs.

Doing Goods does not deliver franco.

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