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Cheery designs

The Tapis Amis collection is our very own collection of rugs, a quirky range of lovable loonies from the animal kingdom that will make you smile every time. 

Each rug is a result of an indulgence in traditional techniques, patience and love for the artisanal craft.

“Start your day off soft and cheery and step out of bed onto one of these signature handmade rugs”


100% handmade

All the lovable loonies are handmade in India. The rugs are made from 100% wool.

Due to the handcrafted nature of these items, expect slight variation in the appearance of each rug.

Perfect by no means, but unique all the more!


Tufted by hand

All rugs are handmade in India and completely tufted by hand. Colour by colour.

It all starts with drawing the design onto the fabric. After drawing the design, the colors are picked and the tufting can start.

When the tufting is done, the craftspeople starts with attaching the cotton backing.


Shave, cut and go!

When the rugs have a cotton backing, all sides are finished with woollen threads by hand. 

Then they get their last shave and cut.

Now the lovable loonies are ready to travel the globe.

“Our Tapis Amis rugs are exclusive Doing Goods designs and made of 100% wool”

Tapis Amis Rugs

Groovy Gorilla Rug Small

Kasbah Polar Bear Head Rug

Robby Reindeer Gift Hanger

Stripey Zebra Head Rug

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