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Fun trinkets

These fun trinkets started off as a one-off series for Christmas. We decided to keep them available as decorative pieces after it became clear they had stolen everyone’s hearts, an indulgence of sorts.

"These fun trinkets started off as a one-off series for Christmas."


100% handmade

All the jolly jujus are handmade with love in India. The jujus are made from cotton and glass beads.

Each juju is a result of an indulgence in traditional techniques, patience and love for the artisanal craft. Due to the handcrafted nature of these jujus, expect slight variation in the appearance of each juju.


Travel the globe

After the craftspeople sewn all the glass beads on by hand. The jolly jujus are ready to travel the globe.

Now you can charm up your keys, your bag or your wall with this jolly juju.


Botanical Mini Frame

Sissy Snake Juju

Cloudy Tiger Cub Hanger

Betty Bunny Gift Hanger

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