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"Made from 100% recycled brass"


Old technique, new designs

This pretty much sums up our collection of brass accessories.

Our collection of brass-hooks, knobs, plates and trinkets will definitely add panache to your interior.


100% recycled brass

All our Brass Goods are handmade in India from 100% recycled brass.

Each piece is the result of an indulgence in traditional techniques, patience and love for the artisanal craft.

Perfect by no means, but unique all the more!

“Perfect by no means but unique all the more.”


Ancient methods

All our brass homewares are created according to ancient methods by craftsman.

First a wax model of our design is created by hand.

Then a mold is shaped around this wax model and afterwards filled with molten brass.


Colored brass

For our colored brass collection, the colors are carefully added with wax sticks, a true indulgence of patience and craft.

Afterwards the pieces are heated once again and receive a coat of enamel on top for a high-quality finishing touch. These traditional handcrafted colored goodies will brighten up your day.

Brass Goods

Laila Treasure Box Medium Ruby Pink

Misty Triple Candle Holder

Laila Treasure Box Large Amber

Bodhi Bamboo Heart Candle Holder

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